Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Day 3- It actually is a long way to Tipperary!!

The wonders of modern technology! Ali is driving- Pete is leading worship on the ipod and I am blogging on my phone! It's my turn to write the daily update- so I am doing it as we make our way to County Tipperary. When we arrive at approx 11pm we have to pitch our tent in the dark! Living the dream!

Charles Fort, Kinsale

We have had a busy day today. This morning we met with Lawrence Graham. LG is a Methodist minister-who is doing some prayer room stuff in Cork & soon in Killarney. Lawrence also spent some time giving us some contextualizatlon for mission in Ireland- very informative.

We then travelled to kinsale. This beautiful little tourist village is buzzing and just crying out with evangelistic opportunity. Although we missed the Kinsale rugby 7's by a day we still got to enjoy some great atmosphere- oh and Ali & I got sunburnt!

We then met with John & Vanessa Purdy- an amazing couple loving & serving Jesus in Clonakilty. We spent a couple of hours listening learning and being inspired by these guys. I am sure at some point Ali will do an indepth report about all the prayer room stuff- all i will say for now is how a prayer room in Clonakilty brought catholics & protestants together to pray and allowed God to speak into the whole community: amazing.

Tonight we were back in Cork meeting a group of emerging prayer leaders at the Haven. We had an amazing time of prayer and fellowship with these guys- again it was so inspiring to meet people who have gone beyond talking and are going for it..
so we are now on the road after grabbing a subway. Next stop Tipperary.


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