Monday, 10 December 2007

An evening with Stephen Smith

I'm still not sure how to define Stephen. It was like one of those SuperMan moments... is it a bird, is it a plane? Is he a pastor, a leader, a businessman, visionary, comedian, kids tv show host..what is he? Perhaps Stephen is best left as an undefinable entity advancing the Kingdom in a fresh and dynamic way.
At True in December, we had the privilege of hearing the inspiring story of Stephen Smith, Pastor (although he prefers Team Leader) of North Down CFC. A self funded, porsche driving minister of the Gospel, he owns a Caravan Park, a property development business, he sells hot tubs, owns a sweety shop, oh and he leads and pastors a thriving church in Newtownards.
The guy is a legend, he inspired us to find out how God has wired us and live in response to that. He is wired as a business man, as he said 'it is in my dna.' Stephen is a 3rd Generation business man, who enjoyed being a full time pastor and teacher but came to a place of missing the 'marketplace'
The evening was inspiring and motivating and also emotional as we finished by using a timeline activity, to explore a little bit more personally how God has wired us and some of the dreams we have and how God is already giving us permission to go after these.
On a personal level, I have always wanted to own a pub. I don't know why! I guess I always thought they would be an amazing way of connecting with people and communities. Not sure how to take this forward to be honest. Any ideas? Maybe some of you could post on here what Go d was stirring in your hearts at True?!

NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT @ EMMANUEL, if you are free get along.