Monday, 5 May 2008

Day 2

So we set of from Dublin this morning about 9am and headed south. First stop was at Dun Loaire where we met up with Claire and Jeremy. Both these guys have such wonderful hearts for Ireland and we could tell they were people who spend time on their knees in prayer. We were welcomed with a full breakfast in claire's home and was such a privilege to share life with these guys and pray together. Claire, who was president of Trinity CU last year, has a heart for her home area in county Loais and when she finishes her studies this year feels that God is calling her back home. it is her heart to see God move in this rural part of Ireland and spill over into the surrounding counties. As I listened to her I was struck by how easy it would have been for her to stay in Dublin where many of her friends are and where there is much more of a Christian resource. But she knows God is calling her back and slowly opening little doors for her. Please pray for her as she seeks to be obedient to God and follow His call. Jeremy is also finishing a theology degree at Trinity this year and attends a church in the quays area of the city. He is taking on a 'ministry in training' year next year with his church and has a heart to get some 24-7 prayer going on there. Pray for him also, he is a great guy.

Next stop was Bray, which was totally jam-packed today because of the bank holiday with visitors and holidayers. We met Suzie Evans there who is the director of YFC in the Republic. Again it was such a blessing to see someone just getting on with it and doing the stuff. When we met her she was in a boiler suit and covered in paint as she was helping renovating a warehouse they had acquired to use as a drop in centre. Again it was so evident that Suzie is a girl who prays and her passion for Jesus keeps her going. They are seeking to have a prayer room in this drop in centre which is in a great location where they are seeking to reach the local young people from an extremely deprived local estate. Pray for Suzie, compared to us, these guys have nothing of the resource or Christian support we have, yet they are believing God to show up as they continue to carrying out His plans.

Leaving Bray we travelled down to Wexford and met the girls (our church interns) who spent a great weekend at a church down there. It was such a beautiful drive on a real belter of a a day. There were parts of the drive that were simply stunning, breathtaking. We left there and drove about 3 hours until we reached Cork tonight around 8pm. We took a walk round the city, got ourselves a nutritious meal in McDonalds and then got ourselves a drink listening to some music. Cork is a lovely city and much bigger than i expected. it is steeped in history yet increasingly modern and has a real buzz about it.

We are staying in a hostel here which isn't great but doing the job. We have a full day tomorrow. Meeting two Methodist ministers who have both been exploring prayer rooms over the last year and two girls who are seeking to open a prayer room in the city centre!! Pray for us.

This trip is showing us that God has his people everywhere - Wonderful, kingdom minded, sacrifcial Jesus follwers and it a joy to share life with them...


dave wiggins said...

keep er lit! Cork is brilliant and the beaches around Clonakilty are beautiful.

J-Mac said...

Sweet! Wish I was there boys. Praying for u all! Keep the updates coming.

Boaly said...

Do you mind me asking which church in Wexford the girls have been enjoying. My inlaws live there and when I'm down visiting its good to know of churches to go to!
Been enjoying fellowship at one (Can't remember its name though), that have a real heart for Jesus and the community there.